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Meet Alex


Of Greek & Portuguese descent... Alex Kourahanis (Kouras in short) was born and raised around the Philadelphia / New Jersey Area in the USA. With a strong desire to always have a fresh haircut and build up his confidence, getting a new haircut every 2 weeks was his norm. After many disappointing and expensive haircuts as a child and teenager, he decided enough was enough and took matters into his own hands..literally! By the age of 14, Alex began this adventurous task to cut his own hair and do a better job than the hairstylists who charged $25+ per haircut. Fast forward 12 years, at 26 years of age, Alex is now a self-haircut expert!


After watching thousands of hours of online videos on different techniques, it took Alex about 5 years before his haircuts became even close to what they are today. "As the mind matures, so will his orientation." As of June 2022, Alex has saved over $14,000 in haircuts over the last 12 years.


Today, Alex is inspiring thousands of guys around the world on YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok to build up their confidence with educational videos that will help them to take their first steps into cutting their own hair! 

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