You May Be Asking...

💭How do I save $600+ per year?

The average male get's their haircut roughly 2 times per month. Some more serious guys get their haircut 1 time per week (4 times per month). If the average haircut is $28 for men, according to (, then this would come out to $56 per month if you get a haircut 2 times per month. $56 per month X 12 months in 1 year = $672 per year the average man will spend on haircuts. $672.

This skill set will last you your entire life. Every single year you can save $672 by cutting your own hair and not going to the barber. I have been cutting my own hair for 10 years and have saved well over $6,000+ dollars.

My course is a very small investment that will be put back into your pocket after ~4 months of you cutting your own hair, if you give yourself a haircut 2 times per month like the average man does. And then the rest of your life you will reap the benefits of saving $672 per year on haircuts. Not to mention, if you have friends and family members, you can save them hundreds of dollars as well by cutting their hair too.

💭How is this different from YouTube?

​With YouTube you’re only getting the fine tuned entertaining version of the story. The Self-Haircut Course is packed with 60+ highly in depth and detailed videos. It has taken me over 10+ years of my life to gain the knowledge and practical experience to cut my own hair as well as I can now. I would never be able to fit this type of information into a YouTube video and clearly get my message across to you.

💭Will I get to talk to you personally?

​Absolutely! This will be one of the best parts to the course aside from learning the actual skill set! I will be available 24/7 to help answer any questions you may have on techniques, tools, or whatever questions you may have for me. And don't forget, you will have a private community filled with other members from around the world that you can talk to and share your experiences with.

💭What if I am broke / have no money?

The good news is that our course is very affordable for most people of any financial background. With the money you will be saving as the years go on cutting your own hair and your family's hair, the investment should break even after a few short months. If anything, start saving a small portion of your income every pay day and use that money to invest in this lifelong skill set.

💭Do I pay one time or is the payment a recurring thing?

You only make 1 single payment. That's it. There is no hidden fees. No extra charges. None of that. ​And every new video I upload to the course will be 100% FREE.

💭How do I know this will work for me? 

The lessons taught in the Self-Haircut Course are a culmination of 10+ years of my life experiences with cutting my own hair. The course is condensed and contains highly detailed information to help you learn at an extremely faster rate than I did. The content inside has been proven time and time again by myself to help ANYONE achieve the results they desire if executed on.

💭How can I tell if this is for me? 

​If you’ve always thought that you were meant to stand out and achieve more success than those around you, but you’ve lacked the network and opportunities to make that possible, the Self-Haircut Course is made for you.

💭What if I already have experience cutting my own hair, how will this help? 

The Self-Haircut Course is great for beginner, intermediate, and advanced self-haircutters. Our course is created by the undisputed greatest self-haircutter on the planet according to my clipper work, scissor work, online views, shares, comments, and likes. There is always room for new information and self-improvement. You should always be looking to grow and become a better well-rounded individual.

💭I'm already a solid self-haircutter, is this a good fit? 

We have plenty of successful guys already in the course. If you’re already a successful self-haircutter, then you know the importance of having a strong network of other driven individuals all around the world to keep pushing you to even greater success.

💭How did I price the Self-Haircut Course?

I took your advice on the pricing! I had a poll on my Instagram account (@alexkouras) and these were the results with 95 people responding to the poll! Finding the right price range was difficult because there is no other service out there like this one. And so I had to ask all of you what you thought it should be valued at, knowing all of the benefits and value I am providing. I took the average price on the lower end of the price range to come up with the original price. Remember, pricing *has to* go up as more members join to fully support the YouTube and Telegram channel. Lock in today's pricing as pricing has already increased. The Instagram poll responses were received on July 6th, 2020.