Referral Program

Make 50% Commissions!

Welcome to the AK9 Fx referral program! Regardless if you are a course member or not, you can begin making 50% commission by recommending our services to your friends, family, your social media, and website visitors. It is quick and easy to start so you can begin sharing ASAP!

*Note: ONLY single payment services can be used as a referral. Monthly Subscription services do NOT count towards the referral program.

The Allowed Services Include

1. AK9 Fx FTTC Lifetime Access - $500

(Your reward is $250)

2. AK9 Fx Gold 1 Year Access - $1,350

(Your reward is $675)

3. AK9 Fx Platinum Lifetime Access - $3,375

(Your reward is $1,687)

How It Works

1. Spread the word using word of mouth, social media via personal website, blog, YouTube channel, Instagram, Facebook, Snap chat, etc..

2. Have your referral click on our VIP Services page. 

3. Your referral must choose 1 of the 3 Allowed Services listed above & then make a payment using the red "Buy Now" button.

4. Have your referral message our Telegram Support:

  1. Screenshot of payment

  2. Their name & email

  3. Your name as the person who referred them

5. Once the referral payment is verified and your name is verified by our support, send our support your PayPal Email Address and we will send you your 50% commission ASAP within 24 hours!